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    Phosphorus TP2 copper


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    TP2Phosphorus deoxidized copper plateM、Y4、Y2、Y、T4~8600~20004000

      Nature and purpose of TP2:

      TP2 is phosphorus deoxidized copper, good welding and cold bending performance, generally without the tendency of "hydrogen disease", can be processed and used in a reducing atmosphere, but not suitable for processing and use in an oxidizing atmosphere. The residual phosphorus content of TP1 is less than that of TP2, so its electrical and thermal conductivity is higher than that of TP2. TP1 and TP2 are mainly used in tubes, but can also be supplied with plates, strips, rods or wires. Used for gasoline or gas conveying pipe, drain pipe, condensing pipe, mine pipe, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger, train box parts.

      Phosphoric deoxidized copper is a raw material with high purity for melting. Oxygen produced in the melted copper is deoxidized with oxyphile phosphorus (P) to reduce its oxygen content to less than 100PPm, thus improving its ductility, corrosion resistance, heat conductivity, weldability and pull-out processing ability. Hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon does not occur in high temperature. Phosphorus deoxidized copper can be used in refrigeration air conditioning, heat exchanger, radiator, cylinder pad and other purposes.